Roaringly Fast UK Mobile 4G & 5G Proxies

Need to make multiple internet connections for social media, SEO and marketing scrapping or automation, then you need Lambo speed


Mass crawl, scrap or signup to any web service without getting blocked.

Setup in the UK to provide digital marketers and developers with a safe, risk free mobile proxy service for web scrapping and social media automation. We help marketers to run their software better and more undetectable to give their accounts more longevity from bans, ghosting and blocks.

  • Full Mangement

    Manage your proxies in our powerful self managed dashboard that allows you full control over our proxies (Coming Soon)

  • Web Scraping

    Collect data from a UK ip address with 4G/5G LTE Mobile Proxies. Ideal for Google and Bing ranking data to gain better SEO insights

  • Sales Data

    Collect sales data from sites like Linkedin/Google Maps/Yell/Facebook to empower your employees to make the targeted business decisions

  • Ad Publisher Verification

    Instantly verify your online ad placement on new platforms to be confident that your latest campaign is up and running

  • Lambo Speed Proxies

    Our 4G & 5G mobile proxy speeds are the fastest in the UK, faster than residential proxies

  • Great Live Support

    Our support team are on Telegram 7 days a week to help you with your proxies issues

  • Anytime Refresh IP URL

    Change your online foot print at any time with our 28000+ Daily changing IPs via our URL Api

  • Concurrent Threads

    Great for running multi user, multi threaded, high performance software


Dedicated 5G Mobile Proxies You Can Rely On

Our 4G proxies are made for marketing automators, by marketing automators, so we know what you need. Discover our feature rich dashboard that is designed to help you manage, grow and create new accounts.


Integrate proxies with any tool to get better results

Connect your tools to Lambo Proxies via your self management platform to get the best out of your marketing and automation tools, Lambo Proxies works great and fast with tons of different software platforms.

Scrape Box

A very powerful and popular SEO scraping tool which features a Search Engine Harvester, Keyword Harvester & Comment Poster


Social media automation tool that works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Tumblr and Reddit


One of the best SEO automation platforms available with great modules like Crowd Searcher & Blog Network Module

Google Maps Scraper

Collect information on businesses all around the world for your business sales teams


Why People Love Lambo Proxies

If you need a blistering fast UK mobile proxy service then Lambo Proxies is the proxy service for you. With over 28000 daily 4G & 5G proxies which is faster than residential proxies, we can over an unrivaled service. Find out what some of our customer had to say about our proxy service.

Lambo Proxies Team

Here to help with your mobile proxies

Our small but dedicated proxy support team is here to make sure you get the best service Lambo Proxies can provide.

5G UK Mobile Proxies

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Dedicated private UK mobile proxies packages to suit all budgets. All our proxies are fresh, undetectable, high ip trust score, rotating ips and API access


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